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.NET Development

General .NET application development
A Real World MVC Application More Info
Adding Geocoded Information to Your Applications More Info
Custom EDI Batching in BizTalk More Info
Database unit testing using Visual Studio 2010 More Info
DDD (Domain Driven Design) in .Net More Info
Get Func<>-y: Delegates in .NET More Info
IIS 7 Automation More Info
Introduction to SignalR More Info
LightSwitch Onramp More Info
NuGet: Building, publishing, and consuming NuGet packages More Info
Putting the V in MVC More Info
Reactive Extensions More Info
Rocking WebForms with jQuery More Info
T4 Templating and Scaffolding More Info
That's a LightSwitch app?! More Info
Utilizing AppFabric Caching to Optimize Performance More Info
WCF REST services using the WCF Web API More Info
What's new in .Net 4.5 More Info
What's New with SQL Azure More Info
Windows 8 for .Net Devs More Info
Workflow Foundation...why? More Info


Talks on Agile practices such as SCRUM, Lean and eXtreme programming, software craftsmanship
Adaptive Agile: A Real World Example More Info
Agile 2011 conference Leader's sessions recap More Info
Aspect Oriented Programming Part 1 More Info
Aspect Oriented Programming Part 2 More Info
The Secret of Effective Iteration Planning More Info
Thinking Agile More Info
Writing Effective User Stories More Info

AJAX / Javascript

AJAX / Javascript
BDD in coffeescript & node.js with Spex More Info


All about Android development
Intro to Android for the iPhone Developer (or anyone else) More Info

Android platform development

Porting device to android Android internals - dalvik, bionic, stagefright, mediaframework, surfaceflinger, audioflinger etc
Advanced Transfers More Info
Integrating Android Applications into your Database Infrastructure More Info
Web Services with Android More Info

Business Basics

What you need to know and do in Arizona
How To Get Hired More Info
The Savvy Job Seeker: How to Use LinkedIn to Land Your Ideal Job More Info
The Savvy Job Seeker: How to Use LinkedIn to Land Your Ideal Job More Info


How to get involved in the Developer Community
Meet the Next Code Camp Speaker: You! More Info

Databases (SQL/RDBMS, Document, Object)

For SQL Based RDBMS, as well as Object and Document centric NoSQL databases.
Intro to Mongodb More Info
RDBMS More Info
Redis 101 More Info


Theme and module development
Drupal and Node.js Integration More Info
Hello Drupal! More Info
Leverage Your PHP Skills with Drupal More Info

Embedded Development

Software development for embedded systems
Multiple Serial Ports for the Arduino More Info

Enterprise Development

Tools, Technologies, and Methodologies for use in Enterprise and Connected Systems development.
Enterprise Development in the Windows 8 Timeframe More Info

Flash / Flex / AIR

Flash / Flex / AIR
Anything More Info

Front-end Development

Front-end Development
Accessible User Interfaces with Fluid Infusion More Info
Google Chrome: JavaScript Mastery More Info
Google Chrome: Professional Web IDE More Info
Intro to game development with HTML5 More Info
Intro to HTML5/CSS3 More Info
JavaScript MVC with Backbone.JS More Info
JavaScript Rules of the Road More Info
Qunit: JavaScript Unit Testing More Info
The Best of HTML5 Web Camps More Info
Why you should be using Firebug More Info

Functional Programming

Programming with Haskell, Clojure, F#, and other functional programming languages
An Introduction to F# More Info

Game Development

Game Development
XNA 4.0 Development Basics More Info

Introduction to Android Development

Introduction to building apps for android phones.
Introduction to openGL More Info

Introduction to iPhone/iPad Development

Introduction to building apps for the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch
Introduction to iOS development More Info


Java allows you to play online games, chat with people around the world, calculate your mortgage interest, and view images in 3D, just to name a few. It's also integral to the intranet applications and other e-business solutions that are the foundation of corporate computing.

Implementing the Observer Pattern with AspectJ More Info
Intro to Java Programming More Info
Java Concurrency, a practical approach More Info
Rapid Development with SpringData More Info
Rich web applications using JSF 2 and Primefaces More Info
Single Sign-On with Jasig CAS More Info


Linux Server Management 101 More Info


Things you need to know and do to move a team forward
Soft Skills for a Hard World More Info

Microsoft Office

Microsoft Office (Excel, Access, Word, PowerPoint, OneNote,...) for Power-Users and Developers
Access template: Before you write any code More Info
Document Access Databases and Excel Workbooks More Info
Drawing and Animating with PowerPoint More Info
Excel Formulas, Functions and Common Equations More Info
Fuzzy string comparisons in Access or SQL Server More Info
Learn VBA for Microsoft Office More Info
Using OneNote to document code changes More Info
Word Style Sheets More Info


For mobile development: Android, IPhone, WP7, Palm, etc
10 Things To Make Your Mobile Web Apps Rock! More Info
Android - UI Pattern (incl. Honeycomb UI Patterns for Tablets) More Info
Android Application Fundamentals: Intents (e.g. adding printing to your Android app) More Info
Custom Mobile Applications using Jasig uMobile More Info
How to Recreate Native Controls Using jQuery, CSS & HTML5 More Info
Intro to Objective C More Info
Make Your Mobile Web Apps Rock! More Info
Mobile Application Development (JQM) with RESTful Services More Info
Multiplatform Mobile Development with Shared Source More Info
Secure Mobile App Development and Penetration-Testing More Info
Web to Native: A Look At Mobile Web Conversion Tools and Methodology More Info
Windows Phone 7 - New in Mango for Devs More Info

Oracle Fusion

Integration of disparate software components using Oracle Fusion Middleware
Integration with Fusion Middleware More Info

Outside the Box

Developing applications that interact with real-world devices
Beginning Facebook Development More Info
Connecting Linked Data and Sharing Linked Data More Info
Finding profitable items on Craigslist with Python More Info


anything powershell
Advanced PowerShell Scripting More Info


Working with Web APIs: Featuring Google Gadget and Google+ APIs More Info


A dynamic, open source programming language with a focus on simplicity and productivity. It has an elegant syntax that is natural to read and easy to write.

Hacking Your Own Genome More Info


Discussions / Presentations about general security practices and approaches.
Beginning Security for Developers More Info
Breaking CAPTCHAs More Info


15 Things I learned about Silverlight. More Info
20 Tips and Tricks for the Silverlight Developer. More Info
Getting started with Silverlight 5 More Info
Producing and Consuming OData in an Silverlight and Windows Phone 7 application. More Info
User Control with Dependency Properties in Silverlight: Dropdown Checklist and Watermark TextBox More Info

Software Development

Sessions related to general software development techniques independent of specific technology areas.
Clean Code and the Software Craftsmanship movement More Info
Learn the Lingo: Design Patterns More Info
SVN, Mercurial (hg) and git More Info

SQL Server

SQL Server
Database unit testing using Visual Studio 2010 More Info
SQL Server Analysis Services Data-Driven Dimension Security More Info


Building Voice and SMS-based phone applications.
Building Browser-based VoIP apps using Phono More Info
Building Communications apps using Tropo More Info
Building SMS apps using SMSified More Info


Using Web Content Management to run your website. CMS solutions include Drupal, Joomla!, Wordpress, & Xoops.
Drupal 101 More Info
Joomla! 101 More Info
Joomla! Advanced More Info
Xoops 101 More Info

Windows 8

Topics about Windows 8 development.
Introduction to Metro Applications More Info

Windows Azure

For all topics related to Windows Azure technologies and development
A Lap Around Azure Service Bus Brokered Messaging More Info
Azure for Developers, Part 1 More Info
Azure for Developers, part 2 More Info
Azure ServiceBus: Connectivity at a Cloud Scale More Info
Developing Cloud Applications with Windows Azure Platform More Info