Desert Code Camp - 2011.2 SessionsA list of all of the sessions at Desert Code Camp - 2011.2uuid:f5942cd2-7f1c-4bcb-a9da-dcdd1b18cdb3;id=99182023-12-02T19:17:52ZDesert Code Campuuid:f5942cd2-7f1c-4bcb-a9da-dcdd1b18cdb3;id=9919A Lap Around Azure Service Bus Brokered Messaging2011-10-13T14:54:34-07:002011-10-13T14:54:34-07:00Azure Service Bus Brokered Messaging compliments existing Relay capabilities of Azure Service Bus by introducing a pull-based model that provides enhanced durability and reliability via support for Queues and Topics.

In this session, we'll talk about why Pub-Sub is interesting and dive into the capabilities of Azure Service Bus Brokered Messaging by demonstrating Queues and Topics in action using the new .NET Client API and REST API.

A quick review of Relay capabilities will also be provided.Copyright ©2010-2023, Desert Code Campuuid:f5942cd2-7f1c-4bcb-a9da-dcdd1b18cdb3;id=9920A Real World MVC Application2011-09-30T12:37:28-07:002011-09-30T12:37:28-07:00Show a real world MVC Application with Razor, jQuery and uploadingCopyright ©2010-2023, Desert Code Campuuid:f5942cd2-7f1c-4bcb-a9da-dcdd1b18cdb3;id=9921Access template: Before you write any code2011-09-28T05:22:09-07:002011-09-28T05:22:09-07:00Before you write any code to implement the features of your application, there are some very important best practices to follow. Set up the correct database and VBA options, and write some common code to get your application started off just right. This presentation will jam as many best practices into a one-hour presentation as possible, while leaving some time for Q&A at the end.Copyright ©2010-2023, Desert Code Campuuid:f5942cd2-7f1c-4bcb-a9da-dcdd1b18cdb3;id=9922Adaptive Agile: A Real World Example2011-10-13T08:39:17-07:002011-10-13T08:39:17-07:00A discussion of the tenents of Agile and how they were adapted in a real world scenario. Coined Adaptive Agile, Brian Meadows - Business Application Manager at SRP- discusses agile concepts and methodologies used to improve a development team's success in delivering quality applications in a timely manner within a corporate setting. Discussion points include overcoming corporate pressures and impedements to delivering quality product and support to internal business customers.Copyright ©2010-2023, Desert Code Campuuid:f5942cd2-7f1c-4bcb-a9da-dcdd1b18cdb3;id=9923Advanced Transfers2011-10-10T07:18:56-07:002011-10-10T07:18:56-07:00Downloading a single file form a Web server is easy. How about downloading a small part of a file, like one file from an archive? How about downloading one file from multiple servers? Uploading files? Resuming Downloads? Transferring files between devices? Peer discovery? Now you are talking about advanced transfers. Come to this class to learn how to code it!Copyright ©2010-2023, Desert Code Campuuid:f5942cd2-7f1c-4bcb-a9da-dcdd1b18cdb3;id=9924Agile 2011 conference Leader's sessions recap2011-09-09T10:00:52-07:002011-09-09T10:00:52-07:00This session wil recap the entire week of the Leader's Series of the Agile 2011 conference, which was held in Salt Lake City, Utah, during August 2011.

These sessions will be covered, and very detailed notes from those sessions will be distributed:
* Collaborating with non-collaborators
* The Agile Leadership Kata: Discovering the Practice of Leadership
* Why Care about Positive Emotions?
* Everything I know about Leadership I learned from Russell Crowe
* Making The Entire Organization Agile
* What Are We Supposed to do with These Managers Now?
* The surprising science behind agile leadership
* Functional Management - There IS a place for it in Agile
* Agile From the Top Down: Executives Practicing Agile
* Agile Scaling Model - Be as Agile as You Need to Be
Links to a a couple of other sessions will be made available, as well.Copyright ©2010-2023, Desert Code Campuuid:f5942cd2-7f1c-4bcb-a9da-dcdd1b18cdb3;id=9925An Introduction to F#2011-09-23T08:26:09-07:002011-09-23T08:26:09-07:00Introduction to F# and functional programming in general.Copyright ©2010-2023, Desert Code Campuuid:f5942cd2-7f1c-4bcb-a9da-dcdd1b18cdb3;id=9926Azure for Developers, Part 12011-10-02T22:46:17-07:002011-10-02T22:46:17-07:00In this two-part talk, Robin Shahan will show the different bits of Windows Azure and how to code them, and explain why you would use each bit, sharing her experience migrating her company’s infrastructure to Azure last year. Here is what will be covered in this talk (parts 1 and 2): • SQL Azure – migrate a database from the local SQLServer to a SQLAzure instance. • Create a Web Role with a WCF service. Add code to handle the transfer of diagnostics to Table Storage and Blob Storage — tracing, IIS logs, performance counters, Windows event logs, and infrastructure logs. • Add methods to the service that read and write to/from the SQL Azure database. This includes exponential retry code for SQL Azure connection management. • Change a client app to consume the service, show how to add a service reference and then call it. • Show how to change the connection strings and publish the service to the cloud. • Change the client to run against the service in the cloud and show it work. Show the diagnostics using the tools from Cerebrata. • Add a method to the service to submit an entry to queue. Add code to initialize the queue as needed. • Add a worker role. Add code to handle the diagnostics. Add code to initialize the queue as needed. • Add code to the worker role to retrieve the entries from the queue and process them. The method that processes the queue entries writes the messages to blob storage. • Update the service reference in the client and run it; show the results in blob storage. So it covers: SQL Azure, web roles, WCF services, diagnostics, queues, blobs, and worker roles.Copyright ©2010-2023, Desert Code Campuuid:f5942cd2-7f1c-4bcb-a9da-dcdd1b18cdb3;id=9927Azure for Developers, part 22011-10-02T22:45:41-07:002011-10-02T22:45:41-07:00In this two-part talk, Robin Shahan will show the different bits of Windows Azure and how to code them, and explain why you would use each bit, sharing her experience migrating her company’s infrastructure to Azure last year. Here is what will be covered in this talk (parts 1 and 2): • SQL Azure – migrate a database from the local SQLServer to a SQLAzure instance. • Create a Web Role with a WCF service. Add code to handle the transfer of diagnostics to Table Storage and Blob Storage — tracing, IIS logs, performance counters, Windows event logs, and infrastructure logs. • Add methods to the service that read and write to/from the SQL Azure database. This includes exponential retry code for SQL Azure connection management. • Change a client app to consume the service, show how to add a service reference and then call it. • Show how to change the connection strings and publish the service to the cloud. • Change the client to run against the service in the cloud and show it work. Show the diagnostics using the tools from Cerebrata. • Add a method to the service to submit an entry to queue. Add code to initialize the queue as needed. • Add a worker role. Add code to handle the diagnostics. Add code to initialize the queue as needed. • Add code to the worker role to retrieve the entries from the queue and process them. The method that processes the queue entries writes the messages to blob storage. • Update the service reference in the client and run it; show the results in blob storage. So it covers: SQL Azure, web roles, WCF services, diagnostics, queues, blobs, and worker roles.Copyright ©2010-2023, Desert Code Campuuid:f5942cd2-7f1c-4bcb-a9da-dcdd1b18cdb3;id=9928BDD in coffeescript & node.js with Spex2011-10-31T10:28:49-07:002011-10-31T10:28:49-07:00BDD in coffeescript & node.js with SpexCopyright ©2010-2023, Desert Code Campuuid:f5942cd2-7f1c-4bcb-a9da-dcdd1b18cdb3;id=9929Beginning Facebook Development2011-09-29T05:43:01-07:002011-09-29T05:43:01-07:00This session will introduce you to the key concepts required to get started coding on the Facebook platform. We will cover the integrations points available to you including mobile, fan pages, social plugins, and canvas applications. We will take a look at where to get SDK's for common languages and platforms and where go to to get your Facebook questions answered. We'll also cover the Graph API including the new actions/objects and timeline views that were announced in September at their F8 conference.Copyright ©2010-2023, Desert Code Campuuid:f5942cd2-7f1c-4bcb-a9da-dcdd1b18cdb3;id=9930Beginning Security for Developers2011-10-11T09:30:03-07:002011-10-11T09:30:03-07:00Discuss the OWASP Top 10 Web Application Security Risks.
Demonstrate how to look for these risks and others in your code. 
Demonstrate how to solve some of these problems when they occur in your code.

Discuss the different security paradigms for client, ria, mobile, and web services.
See an example of exploiting these different platforms, and how to resolve.Copyright ©2010-2023, Desert Code Campuuid:f5942cd2-7f1c-4bcb-a9da-dcdd1b18cdb3;id=9931Breaking CAPTCHAs2011-10-12T19:31:59-07:002011-10-12T19:31:59-07:00This talk will cover various methods for breaking CAPTCHAs.Copyright ©2010-2023, Desert Code Campuuid:f5942cd2-7f1c-4bcb-a9da-dcdd1b18cdb3;id=9932Building Browser-based VoIP apps using Phono2011-09-19T09:03:58-07:002011-09-19T09:03:58-07:00Would you like to be able place or receive a real phone call from your web browser? How about interacting with your website via conferencing, call recording, speech recognition, text-to-speech?

Using Phono and Tropo, I'll show you how!Copyright ©2010-2023, Desert Code Campuuid:f5942cd2-7f1c-4bcb-a9da-dcdd1b18cdb3;id=9933Building Communications apps using Tropo2011-09-19T08:54:45-07:002011-09-19T08:54:45-07:00We are seeing a trend in multi-channel communications applications and startups that leverage voice, SMS, IM, and social networks. 

I will demonstrate how to add multi-channel communications to your applications to easily send and receive text messages and IMs as well as place and receive phone calls using Tropo's API.Copyright ©2010-2023, Desert Code Campuuid:f5942cd2-7f1c-4bcb-a9da-dcdd1b18cdb3;id=9934Building SMS apps using SMSified2011-09-19T08:53:13-07:002011-09-19T08:53:13-07:00We are seeing a trend in SMS-powered apps and startups including GroupMe, Beluga, and even the grand daddy, Twitter. 

I will demonstrate how to add SMS to your applications to easily send and receive text messages using SMSified's REST API.Copyright ©2010-2023, Desert Code Campuuid:f5942cd2-7f1c-4bcb-a9da-dcdd1b18cdb3;id=9935Clean Code and the Software Craftsmanship movement2011-10-25T06:43:42-07:002011-10-25T06:43:42-07:00Agile software methodologies have pervaded the past decade of software engineering, particularly in the web and mobile worlds. These methodologies, however, place a greater onus on the individual software developer to refine their craft, seek continuous learning, and develop more efficiently. Many effective and powerful books have been written on these topics, including The Pragmatic Programmer, Practices of the Agile Samurai, and Clean Code. In this talk, we introduce the concepts of writing clean code and challenge developers to care not only about the functional correctness of their code, but the beauty and how it leads to desired ibilities (like maintainability, extensibility, adaptability, etc etc)Copyright ©2010-2023, Desert Code Campuuid:f5942cd2-7f1c-4bcb-a9da-dcdd1b18cdb3;id=9936Connecting Linked Data and Sharing Linked Data2011-09-15T12:59:26-07:002011-09-15T12:59:26-07:00SPARQL Queries, Endpoints and RDFa explained and demonstrated with examples for commerce and identity.Copyright ©2010-2023, Desert Code Campuuid:f5942cd2-7f1c-4bcb-a9da-dcdd1b18cdb3;id=9937Custom EDI Batching in BizTalk2011-09-09T07:15:50-07:002011-09-09T07:15:50-07:00Using the Business Rule Engine, Business Activity Monitoring, Enterprise Single-Sign On, a custom pipeline component (everything out of the box, except a custom SSO functiod), healthcare claims can be routed to different systems during a cut over process, so a business analyst simply needs add/update rows in a database.Copyright ©2010-2023, Desert Code Campuuid:f5942cd2-7f1c-4bcb-a9da-dcdd1b18cdb3;id=9938Database unit testing using Visual Studio 20102011-09-09T10:08:20-07:002011-09-09T10:08:20-07:00Learn the specifics of writing database unit tests against SQL database objects and techniques to improve the performance of that testing.

As applications grow more valuable to the business, and the database gets larger, they get harder to improve to adapt to business changes without breaking the system. Build the database using database unit testing to make it very easy to change the system years later, even without the original developers on the team. This paper and presentation give you everything you need to apply this technique immediately, including working code.Copyright ©2010-2023, Desert Code Campuuid:f5942cd2-7f1c-4bcb-a9da-dcdd1b18cdb3;id=9939Developing Cloud Applications with Windows Azure Platform2011-10-02T21:24:19-07:002011-10-02T21:24:19-07:00Windows Azure Platform provides several rich frameworks and services to enable cloud applications development. In this presentation, I will walk through several code examples on how to build Azure cloud applications using some of the common frameworks (such as ASP, Windows Communication Foundation (WCF), Workflow Foundation (WF), Azure SDK) and some of the common Azure services (such as storage, messaging, service bus etc.).Copyright ©2010-2023, Desert Code Campuuid:f5942cd2-7f1c-4bcb-a9da-dcdd1b18cdb3;id=9940Document Access Databases and Excel Workbooks2011-09-21T20:26:50-07:002011-09-21T20:26:50-07:00What do you do when someone else's database or workbook lands on your desk? How can you quickly figure out what is there? How do you share what you have built with others in a way they can understand? This session introduces you to free tools for documenting Access databases and Excel workbooks. ***** Do YOU have analysis tools that the public can freely download? If so, please sign up to help present the session -- your expertise is welcome! To all participants: bring your workbooks and databases on a USB stick -- will use audience files to demonstrate the tools :) Bring your laptop if you have one -- we will pass around a stick with all the tools.Copyright ©2010-2023, Desert Code Campuuid:f5942cd2-7f1c-4bcb-a9da-dcdd1b18cdb3;id=9941Drawing and Animating with PowerPoint2011-09-28T05:21:30-07:002011-09-28T05:21:30-07:00See how easy it is to create eye-catching graphics and animations with PowerPoint! Paste graphics into and launch presentations from your other applications such as Excel and Word.Copyright ©2010-2023, Desert Code Campuuid:f5942cd2-7f1c-4bcb-a9da-dcdd1b18cdb3;id=9942Drupal 1012011-10-04T12:19:20-07:002011-10-04T12:19:20-07:00Building a website with Drupal.Copyright ©2010-2023, Desert Code Campuuid:f5942cd2-7f1c-4bcb-a9da-dcdd1b18cdb3;id=9943Enterprise Development in the Windows 8 Timeframe2011-10-11T11:34:51-07:002011-10-11T11:34:51-07:00A view of the changes Microsoft has recently announced around Windows 8 from the perspective of an enterprise developer including a look at how our processes and tools will be changing over the next few years.Copyright ©2010-2023, Desert Code Campuuid:f5942cd2-7f1c-4bcb-a9da-dcdd1b18cdb3;id=9944Excel Formulas, Functions and Common Equations2011-10-01T14:34:39-07:002011-10-01T14:34:39-07:00Do you have any idea how many built-in functions Excel has? It can make your head spin! Luckily, there is a good way to browse through them and find the ones you are interested in using. Learn essential functions and how to create your own user-defined functions (UDFs). ~~ Explore basic numeric functions for summing, averaging, and rounding -- then step into the vast field of specialized functions such as amortizing payments, 360 calculations, ceilings, and cosines. Get comfortable combining and parsing text. Pull information out of dates like month and year, do date math. ~ Get a list of common equations. Learn great tips from experts. Become a formula whiz!Copyright ©2010-2023, Desert Code Campuuid:f5942cd2-7f1c-4bcb-a9da-dcdd1b18cdb3;id=9945Fuzzy string comparisons in Access or SQL Server2011-09-28T05:22:03-07:002011-09-28T05:22:03-07:00Are you a perfect speller? Is everyone in your company? How about your business partners? Misspellings are a fact of life. In this presentation we are discussing several ways to find text data even if there are misspellings. The majority of the time will be devoted to Simil, an algorithm to perform fuzzy string lookups in Access or SQL Server.Copyright ©2010-2023, Desert Code Campuuid:f5942cd2-7f1c-4bcb-a9da-dcdd1b18cdb3;id=9946Get Func<>-y: Delegates in .NET2011-09-18T11:52:59-07:002011-09-18T11:52:59-07:00Do you use delegates in .NET? If so, then Func<T> and Action<T> are just waiting to make your life easier. Not using delegates? Maybe you should. We'll take a look at what delegates are, why you would want to use them, and how to use Func<T> and Action<T> to tie things all together (with a few Lambdas thrown in just for fun).Copyright ©2010-2023, Desert Code Campuuid:f5942cd2-7f1c-4bcb-a9da-dcdd1b18cdb3;id=9947Getting started with Silverlight 52011-09-22T07:57:55-07:002011-09-22T07:57:55-07:00This session is designed for people who want to quickly understand the key features in Silverlight 5. We will walk you through downloading the bits to finally starting your first project starting from File->New Projects. We will also take a look at several key features such as XAML Debugging and Out of Browser - Multiple Windows Support, Sound Effect Class for Low-Latency, Supporting Double and Triple Mouse Clicks and Linked and Multi-Column Text.Copyright ©2010-2023, Desert Code Campuuid:f5942cd2-7f1c-4bcb-a9da-dcdd1b18cdb3;id=9948Google Chrome: JavaScript Mastery2011-09-09T16:39:01-07:002011-09-09T16:39:01-07:00A track to learn why using today's dev tools in Chrome may be better off than making an elderly plugin for a aging browser fit our JavaScript debugging process.Copyright ©2010-2023, Desert Code Campuuid:f5942cd2-7f1c-4bcb-a9da-dcdd1b18cdb3;id=9949Google Chrome: Professional Web IDE2011-09-09T16:39:47-07:002011-09-09T16:39:47-07:00In this session, you will be given examples of how and why you should use the Google Chrome Developer Tools instead of an IDE for your HTML and CSS.Copyright ©2010-2023, Desert Code Campuuid:f5942cd2-7f1c-4bcb-a9da-dcdd1b18cdb3;id=9950Hacking Your Own Genome2011-10-18T15:44:22-07:002011-10-18T15:44:22-07:00Complete genome sequencing costs will soon be low enough for the average consumer to obtain DNA, RNA, and other personal molecular data, putting analysis and interpretation at the forefront of promising development fields. In this session we will discuss the basic types of molecular data, areas of practical interest, and walk through several examples of analysis you can apply to the biological data of yourself and others.Copyright ©2010-2023, Desert Code Campuuid:f5942cd2-7f1c-4bcb-a9da-dcdd1b18cdb3;id=9951Hello Drupal!2011-10-18T19:49:58-07:002011-10-18T19:49:58-07:00Hello Drupal is a course designed to reach a wide audience, anyone just getting their foot in the door with Drupal. You may be a designer, developer, client services rep, project manager... anyone who has heard of Drupal and wants to know the buzz is all about.

By the end of this short course, you'll will gain:

- An understanding of Drupal terminology and core concepts
- Perspective on the benefits of using Drupal as a content management system and development framework
- The ability to quickly stand up a Drupal site, create custom content types, custom content displays, even custom layouts.Copyright ©2010-2023, Desert Code Campuuid:f5942cd2-7f1c-4bcb-a9da-dcdd1b18cdb3;id=9952How To Get Hired2011-10-13T14:19:28-07:002011-10-13T14:19:28-07:00* Detailed info on what top tech companies are looking for
* How to pass technical interviews
* Building a resume/profile that makes jobs come to youCopyright ©2010-2023, Desert Code Campuuid:f5942cd2-7f1c-4bcb-a9da-dcdd1b18cdb3;id=9953How to Recreate Native Controls Using jQuery, CSS & HTML52011-09-09T08:26:51-07:002011-09-09T08:26:51-07:00Native mobile applications have given us a foundation for mobile UX. Now that mobile web is emerging developers need to translate many of those experiences in the web space. This session reviews how to create a scrollview, panorama and jump list using jQuery, CSS and HTML5Copyright ©2010-2023, Desert Code Campuuid:f5942cd2-7f1c-4bcb-a9da-dcdd1b18cdb3;id=9954IIS 7 Automation2012-07-21T12:04:29-07:002012-07-21T12:04:29-07:00Controlling IIS sites and app pools from a .net appCopyright ©2010-2023, Desert Code Campuuid:f5942cd2-7f1c-4bcb-a9da-dcdd1b18cdb3;id=9955Implementing the Observer Pattern with AspectJ2011-09-19T11:00:18-07:002011-09-19T11:00:18-07:00This session gives an introduction to Aspect Oriented Programming in Java using AspectJ. As an example, it shows how as AOP approach can implement the Observer Pattern in a very clean and elegant fashion.Copyright ©2010-2023, Desert Code Campuuid:f5942cd2-7f1c-4bcb-a9da-dcdd1b18cdb3;id=9956Integrating Android Applications into your Database Infrastructure2011-10-10T07:19:11-07:002011-10-10T07:19:11-07:00This class covers integrating Android apps into enterprise database architecture, both existing architecture, and creating new architecture from the ground up. We will discuss issues like centralized business logic, LDAP authentication, distributed data storage, load balancing, working offline and data integrity. 

Practical examples will be given, as well as general principles and practices. This goes beyond just pulling small amounts of data over a web service by looking at creating data-rich Android applications that work with data on remote servers, and some of the concerns with such architecture. 

By taking this class, you’ll be equipped with the information and knowledge to create data-rich Android applications that work with database servers in your data center and provide offline synchronization.Copyright ©2010-2023, Desert Code Campuuid:f5942cd2-7f1c-4bcb-a9da-dcdd1b18cdb3;id=9957Integration with Fusion Middleware2011-10-13T04:10:39-07:002011-10-13T04:10:39-07:00How to integrate standalone software using Fusion MiddlewareCopyright ©2010-2023, Desert Code Campuuid:f5942cd2-7f1c-4bcb-a9da-dcdd1b18cdb3;id=9958Intro to Android for the iPhone Developer (or anyone else)2011-10-12T19:34:40-07:002011-10-12T19:34:40-07:00Are you thinking about porting an iOS app to Android? It is not as simple as it might seem, because the two platforms are very different.

This presentation will highlight the most important differences, and provide practical guidance on how to overcome them the easiest way. We will look into some of the most important design and UI paradigms, so your Android app functions well, and "fits" in the Android ecosystem.

It's the perfect presentation for anyone to gain good knowledge about the two most prominent mobile platforms - iOS & Android.Copyright ©2010-2023, Desert Code Campuuid:f5942cd2-7f1c-4bcb-a9da-dcdd1b18cdb3;id=9959Intro to game development with HTML52011-09-10T06:47:59-07:002011-09-10T06:47:59-07:00Building a basic HTML5 based game engine. And an intro to box2d physics, WebGL, and other gaming libraries.Copyright ©2010-2023, Desert Code Campuuid:f5942cd2-7f1c-4bcb-a9da-dcdd1b18cdb3;id=9960Intro to HTML5/CSS32011-09-13T05:25:04-07:002011-09-13T05:25:04-07:00Basic intro to HTML5 & CSS3 and the new DOM objects that come with the new HTML5 specification.Copyright ©2010-2023, Desert Code Campuuid:f5942cd2-7f1c-4bcb-a9da-dcdd1b18cdb3;id=9961Intro to Mongodb2011-09-10T09:48:42-07:002011-09-10T09:48:42-07:00Go over what mongodb is, the feature set it offers. Discuss advantages and disadvantages. Hack some code and go over a sample application.

Tweet if you want me to cover something in particular, i will try best to fit it in.Copyright ©2010-2023, Desert Code Campuuid:f5942cd2-7f1c-4bcb-a9da-dcdd1b18cdb3;id=9962Intro to Objective C2011-09-09T07:27:04-07:002011-09-09T07:27:04-07:00Objective C is the best blend of static and dynamic languages. It has all the speed of C and all the power of Ruby. Sure, the square braces look weird at first, but don't let that hold you back from learning how to use Objective CCopyright ©2010-2023, Desert Code Campuuid:f5942cd2-7f1c-4bcb-a9da-dcdd1b18cdb3;id=9963Introduction to iOS development2011-09-29T05:42:51-07:002011-09-29T05:42:51-07:00How to start developing for iOS, use the tools Apple provides, and give tips and tricks for a beginning developer. What's new in iOS 5.Copyright ©2010-2023, Desert Code Campuuid:f5942cd2-7f1c-4bcb-a9da-dcdd1b18cdb3;id=9964Introduction to Metro Applications2011-10-12T19:31:30-07:002011-10-12T19:31:30-07:00In this presentation, we will take a look at the new Windows Metro shell and look at building a Metro application using the new WinRT (Windows Runtime) framework. This presentation will explore the WinRT framework and will demonstrate building applications using HTML5 and JavaScript.Copyright ©2010-2023, Desert Code Campuuid:f5942cd2-7f1c-4bcb-a9da-dcdd1b18cdb3;id=9965Introduction to SignalR2011-10-11T09:14:30-07:002011-10-11T09:14:30-07:00An introduction to a new building block available to .NET developers enabling long-polling, asynchronous connections allowing you to create highly interactive web applications, server to client communication pipelines, pub/sub implementations, and more.

If you have seen some of the cool things developers have done with frameworks like node.js and, SignalR allows the .NET developer that same sort of creativity.Copyright ©2010-2023, Desert Code Campuuid:f5942cd2-7f1c-4bcb-a9da-dcdd1b18cdb3;id=9966Java Concurrency, a practical approach2011-10-18T09:44:19-07:002011-10-18T09:44:19-07:00This session will take a crime and punishment approach to some of the key and at times costly mistakes java developers make when dealing with concurrency.Copyright ©2010-2023, Desert Code Campuuid:f5942cd2-7f1c-4bcb-a9da-dcdd1b18cdb3;id=9967JavaScript MVC with Backbone.JS2011-10-25T07:23:25-07:002011-10-25T07:23:25-07:00Using Backbone.JS library to build properly architected JavaScript applicationsCopyright ©2010-2023, Desert Code Campuuid:f5942cd2-7f1c-4bcb-a9da-dcdd1b18cdb3;id=9968JavaScript Rules of the Road2012-07-21T12:04:32-07:002012-07-21T12:04:32-07:00JavaScript design patterns and tools for durability, scalability, and testabilityCopyright ©2010-2023, Desert Code Campuuid:f5942cd2-7f1c-4bcb-a9da-dcdd1b18cdb3;id=9969Learn the Lingo: Design Patterns2011-09-18T11:38:52-07:002011-09-18T11:38:52-07:00You already use Design Patterns but probably don't know it. Observer, Adapter, Iterator, Proxy -- Learning the lingo allows you to better communicate your ideas with other developers. We'll take a look at several GoF patterns that we regularly use without realizing it. Don't know who the GoF is? Join us to find out.Copyright ©2010-2023, Desert Code Campuuid:f5942cd2-7f1c-4bcb-a9da-dcdd1b18cdb3;id=9970Learn VBA for Microsoft Office2011-09-21T20:26:38-07:002011-09-21T20:26:38-07:00How do you get started writing VBA code for Office applications? Right here! Download free chapters and get links to free resources to help you in your journey to become a great developer. ~~ Examine code to create a header with variable information such as page number and date in Word and Excel -- how is the code different? how is it the same? where does code go? Learn VBA to find a record on an Access form and more. No previous programming experience needed -- only an interest to know!Copyright ©2010-2023, Desert Code Campuuid:f5942cd2-7f1c-4bcb-a9da-dcdd1b18cdb3;id=9971Leverage Your PHP Skills with Drupal2011-10-14T08:46:37-07:002011-10-14T08:46:37-07:00You've been working with LAMP for years, but you're tired of reinventing the wheel for each project (or worse yet, refactoring old projects for new clients). Learn how to use Drupal as a framework, getting you 80 percent or more complete with community-contributed code, before you have to break out your editor and tap your 1337 PHP skills.Copyright ©2010-2023, Desert Code Campuuid:f5942cd2-7f1c-4bcb-a9da-dcdd1b18cdb3;id=9972LightSwitch Onramp2011-09-09T07:47:14-07:002011-09-09T07:47:14-07:00Microsoft's LightSwitch presents a radical new way of designing applications in Visual Studio. Applications can be quickly built using screen templates and prewritten code to handle routine tasks. Custom business logic can be added in VB.NET or C#. LightSwitch applications can access a number of data sources, including SQL Server and SQL Azure, and can be hosted locally or on Azure. LightSwitch will enable IT staff to quickly turn around those small-but-necessary enterprise apps end users are so fond of, and it's easy enough for power-users with limited programming experience to build their own apps. By the end of this session, we’ll understand what LightSwitch is, what we need to develop with LightSwitch, and how to get started developing a LightSwitch application.Copyright ©2010-2023, Desert Code Campuuid:f5942cd2-7f1c-4bcb-a9da-dcdd1b18cdb3;id=9973Linux Server Management 1012011-09-09T14:15:20-07:002011-09-09T14:15:20-07:00"A Crash Course in LAMP" ... Learn how a Linux web server operates, how to perform basic troubleshooting & diagnoses of common issues, review and modify common configuration files and update common applications such as PHP.Copyright ©2010-2023, Desert Code Campuuid:f5942cd2-7f1c-4bcb-a9da-dcdd1b18cdb3;id=9974Make Your Mobile Web Apps Rock!2011-09-09T08:24:56-07:002011-09-09T08:24:56-07:00Mobile Web Applications are a huge emerging market that is not well understood. This session reviews techniques and architectures that will make your mobile web applications kick your native application competition's butt!Copyright ©2010-2023, Desert Code Campuuid:f5942cd2-7f1c-4bcb-a9da-dcdd1b18cdb3;id=9975Meet the Next Code Camp Speaker: You!2011-09-18T11:41:59-07:002011-09-18T11:41:59-07:00Ever wonder where the speakers for Code Camp come from? Just look in the mirror. Everyone has something to share. Take the next step and sign up as a speaker. In this informal session, we'll talk about some practical tips to make your session successful.Copyright ©2010-2023, Desert Code Campuuid:f5942cd2-7f1c-4bcb-a9da-dcdd1b18cdb3;id=9976Mobile Application Development (JQM) with RESTful Services2011-10-10T12:55:16-07:002011-10-10T12:55:16-07:00JQuery Mobile using JSONP Restful Services with HTML 5/ CSS 3 and templates (knockout also presented). Discussion also includes deployment scenarios and performance considerations.Copyright ©2010-2023, Desert Code Campuuid:f5942cd2-7f1c-4bcb-a9da-dcdd1b18cdb3;id=9977Multiple Serial Ports for the Arduino2011-09-29T09:10:18-07:002011-09-29T09:10:18-07:00The basic Arduino has one hardware serial port. But, if your project interface requires serial I/O, how do you debug it? Software serial ports to the rescue! This session demonstrates how to do this with Fritzing documentation and demonstration hardware. 
Slides and code sketches are now available at
(I put the sketches right in the slides)Copyright ©2010-2023, Desert Code Campuuid:f5942cd2-7f1c-4bcb-a9da-dcdd1b18cdb3;id=9978NuGet: Building, publishing, and consuming NuGet packages2012-07-21T12:04:33-07:002012-07-21T12:04:33-07:00Building, publishing, and consuming NuGet packagesCopyright ©2010-2023, Desert Code Campuuid:f5942cd2-7f1c-4bcb-a9da-dcdd1b18cdb3;id=9979Producing and Consuming OData in an Silverlight and Windows Phone 7 application.2011-09-22T07:57:17-07:002011-09-22T07:57:17-07:00Description
Learn how to Produce and Consume an OData DataSource starting from File-New Project. In this session, we will produce an OData Datasource and query it using the browser and LinqPAD. Once we have an understanding of how to produce an OData DataSource, we will consume it using Silverlight and Windows Phone 7. 

Part 1: We will create a oData Service using SQL Server Compact 4.0 Edition. After the oData Service is created, we will navigate to the url and see how we can use the browser to display and filter the data. After that we will take LinqPad (free edition) and query the data using Linq.

Part 2: Consume the Data using Silverlight 4 Application. Setting up the Source Data to retrieving it in our application and binding the results to multiple textblock controls. 

Part 3: Consume the Data using WP7: Explaining all the missing parts to consuming an oData Feed in a Windows Phone 7 Application using the Panorama Template.
Previously Presented?Copyright ©2010-2023, Desert Code Campuuid:f5942cd2-7f1c-4bcb-a9da-dcdd1b18cdb3;id=9980Putting the V in MVC2011-09-09T08:38:09-07:002011-09-09T08:38:09-07:00MVC gives us total control over markup in ASP.NET. Or in other words, you better learn how to turn HTML into something pretty. Luckily, there is a great framework to help us out: jQuery UI! We will take a look at using jQuery UI to do exactly that. We will start with simple HTML markup and transform it into interactive widgets with very little code. jQuery UI widgets add style and behavior to otherwise drab markup without changing its semantics. We will also look at Wijmo, a new toolkit that extends jQuery UI. Wijmo brings over 30 widgets to jQuery UI from Menus to SVG Charts, 18 of which are Open Source. Both jQuery UI and Wijmo can take your Views from boring to brilliant in ASP.NET MVC. After this session you will be ready to start putting the V in MVC!Copyright ©2010-2023, Desert Code Campuuid:f5942cd2-7f1c-4bcb-a9da-dcdd1b18cdb3;id=9981Qunit: JavaScript Unit Testing2011-10-18T20:22:29-07:002011-10-18T20:22:29-07:00Unit testing JavaScript code with QunitCopyright ©2010-2023, Desert Code Campuuid:f5942cd2-7f1c-4bcb-a9da-dcdd1b18cdb3;id=9982Rapid Development with SpringData2011-10-11T14:52:56-07:002011-10-11T14:52:56-07:00Eliminate boilerplate code, reduce development time, and reduce risk and maintenance overhead by leveraging the SpringData project. This session will have a focus on the SpringData-JPA subproject.Copyright ©2010-2023, Desert Code Campuuid:f5942cd2-7f1c-4bcb-a9da-dcdd1b18cdb3;id=9983Reactive Extensions2011-09-09T08:54:57-07:002011-09-09T08:54:57-07:00Overview of Reactive Extensions which is a library to compose asynchronous and event-based programs using observable collections and LINQ-style query operators.Copyright ©2010-2023, Desert Code Campuuid:f5942cd2-7f1c-4bcb-a9da-dcdd1b18cdb3;id=9984Redis 1012011-10-12T19:34:53-07:002011-10-12T19:34:53-07:00Getting started using Redis for fast, persistant key/value storage: What Redis is, what Redis isn't. How Redis differs from Memcache, APC caching platforms; how Redis differs from MongoDB and other NoSQL stores. Basic installation & usage. How to use with PHP.

Slides available at ©2010-2023, Desert Code Campuuid:f5942cd2-7f1c-4bcb-a9da-dcdd1b18cdb3;id=9985Rocking WebForms with jQuery2011-09-09T07:51:59-07:002011-09-09T07:51:59-07:00Reports of WebForms' demise are very premature; in fact, WebForms still rock! And by adding just a little jQuery UI magic, they can rock even more. Whether you're beginning a new WebForms application, or maintaining an existing one, it's very easy to add a little UI razzle-dazzle that can both make your code cleaner and the application more user friendly. In this session, we'll look at what jQuery is, how to use it in ASP.NET WebForms applications, and what it can do for our WebForms applications. If you've used the ASP.NET Ajax Toolkit in your applications, you'll want to see what is replacing it.Copyright ©2010-2023, Desert Code Campuuid:f5942cd2-7f1c-4bcb-a9da-dcdd1b18cdb3;id=9986Secure Mobile App Development and Penetration-Testing2011-09-09T10:44:43-07:002011-09-09T10:44:43-07:00This talk will involve secure coding patterns and practices for mobile apps, in addition to the specialized skill set necessary to test these platforms for weaknesses. Attendees will leave with more knowledge about kernel exploits for jailbreaking/rooting (and other uses), filesystems and file/db types for mobile forensics, HTTP/SSL session hijacking, GSM/CDMA/LTE security topics, and general web and mobile app security issues. It will also be an excellent source of information for mobile app testing, such as quality, functional, usability, accessibility, and privacy. Get to know the internals of your mobile OS and its apps -- for fun or for science!Copyright ©2010-2023, Desert Code Campuuid:f5942cd2-7f1c-4bcb-a9da-dcdd1b18cdb3;id=9987Soft Skills for a Hard World2011-09-09T16:57:38-07:002011-09-09T16:57:38-07:00Communications skills you need to know.
Slides available now at www.azlaborlaw.comCopyright ©2010-2023, Desert Code Campuuid:f5942cd2-7f1c-4bcb-a9da-dcdd1b18cdb3;id=9988SQL Server Analysis Services Data-Driven Dimension Security2011-10-25T14:03:24-07:002011-10-25T14:03:24-07:00This session is designed to go over a quick summary of the various options for securing Dimension data in Microsoft SQL Server Analysis Services and a more detailed demonstration of a data-driven external security implementation using a dynamic MDX Stored Procedure.Copyright ©2010-2023, Desert Code Campuuid:f5942cd2-7f1c-4bcb-a9da-dcdd1b18cdb3;id=9989SVN, Mercurial (hg) and git2012-07-21T12:04:33-07:002012-07-21T12:04:33-07:00Comparing common open-source version control systemsCopyright ©2010-2023, Desert Code Campuuid:f5942cd2-7f1c-4bcb-a9da-dcdd1b18cdb3;id=9990T4 Templating and Scaffolding2012-07-21T12:04:34-07:002012-07-21T12:04:34-07:00Dynamic code generation using T4 for quickly getting started and abstracting awkward problemsCopyright ©2010-2023, Desert Code Campuuid:f5942cd2-7f1c-4bcb-a9da-dcdd1b18cdb3;id=9991The Best of HTML5 Web Camps2011-09-15T13:49:29-07:002011-09-15T13:49:29-07:00Learn about the top reviewed features from the highly popular HTML5 Web Camps - and a few tips & tricks not shared before :)Copyright ©2010-2023, Desert Code Campuuid:f5942cd2-7f1c-4bcb-a9da-dcdd1b18cdb3;id=9992The Savvy Job Seeker: How to Use LinkedIn to Land Your Ideal Job2011-10-18T11:22:45-07:002011-10-18T11:22:45-07:00In this session you will learn the basics on How to land your Ideal Job using the LinkedIn. This will include but not limited to: Building out a Complete Profile to be found!, Searching for Jobs, Joining Groups, Networking, Building out your connections.Copyright ©2010-2023, Desert Code Campuuid:f5942cd2-7f1c-4bcb-a9da-dcdd1b18cdb3;id=9993The Savvy Job Seeker: How to Use LinkedIn to Land Your Ideal Job2011-10-18T11:22:45-07:002011-10-18T11:22:45-07:00In this session you will learn the basics on How to land your Ideal Job using the LinkedIn. This will include but not limited to: Building out a Complete Profile to be found!, Searching for Jobs, Joining Groups, Networking, Building out your connections.Copyright ©2010-2023, Desert Code Campuuid:f5942cd2-7f1c-4bcb-a9da-dcdd1b18cdb3;id=9994The Secret of Effective Iteration Planning2011-10-03T13:36:26-07:002011-10-03T13:36:26-07:00Is your team struggling to define done? Missing your iteration goal because of undiscovered requirements? Generating easily avoided defects causing mountains of technical debt? 

Learn how to make the most of your iteration planning meetings using wire framing techniques, user workflow scenarios and three questions you must ask during planning.Copyright ©2010-2023, Desert Code Campuuid:f5942cd2-7f1c-4bcb-a9da-dcdd1b18cdb3;id=9995Thinking Agile2011-10-11T09:40:21-07:002011-10-11T09:40:21-07:00This presentation shows how to do business projects in an agile fashion, enabling teams to deliver the result the customers want at a faster pace and avoid overwork along the way. It will cover both the high level concepts and the actual practices, giving the audience the actual tools necessary to be successful.Copyright ©2010-2023, Desert Code Campuuid:f5942cd2-7f1c-4bcb-a9da-dcdd1b18cdb3;id=9996User Control with Dependency Properties in Silverlight: Dropdown Checklist and Watermark TextBox2011-09-12T09:42:53-07:002011-09-12T09:42:53-07:00Learn to build custom Silverlight user controls to encapsulate reusable functionality, see how and why to use dependency properties along with creating and subscribing to custom events and nesting controls. This session will demonstrate building a watermarked textbox that implements visual states, then implement the watermarked textbox control inside a new control to filter the options of a dropdown checklist box with buttons to check all or none with events that return the selected items.Copyright ©2010-2023, Desert Code Campuuid:f5942cd2-7f1c-4bcb-a9da-dcdd1b18cdb3;id=9997Using OneNote to document code changes2011-09-23T12:26:25-07:002011-09-23T12:26:25-07:00OneNote is one of the most useful pieces of MS Office, but few people even realize it exists. This session will show how OneNote can help you track fixes that need to be made, fixes made, questions, and much more during your development cycle.Copyright ©2010-2023, Desert Code Campuuid:f5942cd2-7f1c-4bcb-a9da-dcdd1b18cdb3;id=9998Utilizing AppFabric Caching to Optimize Performance2011-10-17T07:01:27-07:002011-10-17T07:01:27-07:00In an attempt to reduce the response time of mid-tier services and web applications, enterprises often spend large sums of money on infrastructure to optimize hardware and networks. Often times, upgrading database processing power and improving network performance is seen as the only option. However, research has proven that there are often more economically viable solutions. Using AppFabric Caching, you can implement a very cost effective and easy to configure alternative that will have an immediate and visible impact to your applications and services. 

Windows Server AppFabric Caching is extremely simple to configure and has many great payoffs. Research done by Microsoft and other research organizations has shown that implementing Windows Server AppFabric Cache can reduce the response time of your mid-tier services to less than 1/10 the current IO latency. Furthermore, caching can help to reduce expensive database calls and help reduce overall traffic on your company's network leading to better performance and optimized deployment of your costly infrastructure assets.Copyright ©2010-2023, Desert Code Campuuid:f5942cd2-7f1c-4bcb-a9da-dcdd1b18cdb3;id=9999WCF REST services using the WCF Web API2011-10-12T19:31:16-07:002011-10-12T19:31:16-07:00In this presentation, we will explore the new WCF web API and will look at creating RESTful services. I will demonstrate developing and testing the WCF services, implementing authentication and authorization, and invoking the services from multiple application types (desktop, web, mobile).Copyright ©2010-2023, Desert Code Campuuid:f5942cd2-7f1c-4bcb-a9da-dcdd1b18cdb3;id=10000Web to Native: A Look At Mobile Web Conversion Tools and Methodology2011-09-10T06:48:34-07:002011-09-10T06:48:34-07:00Mobile applications are everywhere. Exploding interest from consumers and corporations brings the need for developers to create applications within a diverse mobile ecosystem. Developers are faced with the choice of learning languages specific to each platform or using tools that will allow a developer to write their application once and deploy it on many mobile devices. We'll discuss what these tools are, when they should be used and also look at the final product these tools generate. This discussion will help you refine your mobile strategy and also help you decide if these tools are appropriate for your application. This is a user group talk I've done a few times that discusses jQuery Mobile, PhoneGap and Titanium Mobile.Copyright ©2010-2023, Desert Code Campuuid:f5942cd2-7f1c-4bcb-a9da-dcdd1b18cdb3;id=10001Why you should be using Firebug2011-09-09T08:52:17-07:002011-09-09T08:52:17-07:00If you do any client side development Firebug is a very powerful tool. This will be tips and tricks for speeding up CSS/JavaScript development. This is server language agnostic and applies to all front end work.Copyright ©2010-2023, Desert Code Campuuid:f5942cd2-7f1c-4bcb-a9da-dcdd1b18cdb3;id=10002Windows 8 for .Net Devs2011-10-12T19:29:43-07:002011-10-12T19:29:43-07:00What new capabilities have been added in Windows 8, and how to take advantage of them via .Net.Copyright ©2010-2023, Desert Code Campuuid:f5942cd2-7f1c-4bcb-a9da-dcdd1b18cdb3;id=10003Word Style Sheets2011-09-26T09:41:55-07:002011-09-26T09:41:55-07:00In Word, you add a table of contents, headers, and footers ... do you know how EASY it is to have text (and graphics!) from your document automatically picked up? ... even when changes are made? Using Style Sheets adds consistency to the look and flow of your document, and gives you a way to tag text for use in other places -- including conversion to a database. ~ What are paragraph and character styles? How do you copy formatting? Where is formatting information stored? How can you keep track of your sections? How do you make a Table of Contents in 5 seconds? How can section, title, and subject automatically show up in all the headers as they change from page to page? ~ For true efficiency in Word, understanding style sheets is essential. ** Bring your documents! Maybe yours will be one that gets a style sheet set up during the session :)Copyright ©2010-2023, Desert Code Campuuid:f5942cd2-7f1c-4bcb-a9da-dcdd1b18cdb3;id=10004Working with Web APIs: Featuring Google Gadget and Google+ APIs2011-10-11T21:24:40-07:002011-10-11T21:24:40-07:00APIs are everywhere, whether we realize it or not. APIs are a very powerful tool in any programmer’s arsenal. Why reinvent the wheel when you can use one that has already been created? This session explores the general concept of APIs and their evolution towards the Web APIs that many programs access every day. Examples include use of Google Gadget and Google+ APIs.Copyright ©2010-2023, Desert Code Campuuid:f5942cd2-7f1c-4bcb-a9da-dcdd1b18cdb3;id=10005Writing Effective User Stories2011-09-12T19:00:52-07:002011-09-12T19:00:52-07:00Agile adoption is happening at organizations across the world. As organizations adopt Agile frameworks like SCRUM/Kanban they often struggle in transitioning to write good requirements. This session aims to lay building blocks for writing effective requirements using User Stories.Copyright ©2010-2023, Desert Code Campuuid:f5942cd2-7f1c-4bcb-a9da-dcdd1b18cdb3;id=10006XNA 4.0 Development Basics2011-09-26T16:40:44-07:002011-09-26T16:40:44-07:00How to get started developing games with XNA 4.0 for the Xbox 360.Copyright ©2010-2023, Desert Code Camp