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Utilizing AppFabric Caching to Optimize Performance

In an attempt to reduce the response time of mid-tier services and web applications, enterprises often spend large sums of money on infrastructure to optimize hardware and networks. Often times, upgrading database processing power and improving network performance is seen as the only option. However, research has proven that there are often more economically viable solutions. Using AppFabric Caching, you can implement a very cost effective and easy to configure alternative that will have an immediate and visible impact to your applications and services. Windows Server AppFabric Caching is extremely simple to configure and has many great payoffs. Research done by Microsoft and other research organizations has shown that implementing Windows Server AppFabric Cache can reduce the response time of your mid-tier services to less than 1/10 the current IO latency. Furthermore, caching can help to reduce expensive database calls and help reduce overall traffic on your company's network leading to better performance and optimized deployment of your costly infrastructure assets.


.NET Development

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